Kochi ware with Shippo pattern – Cup with lid


This Cup with lid is used to serve Japanese cuisine.






A note regarding your Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki pottery purchases

As each item is a handmade original, please note that there may be slight variations in the time it takes to make and ship your items, as well as slight variations from the photo examples in size and color. Furthermore, due to the nature of the ceramic material, please note that there may be slight distortions in shape, or small dark spots.

In addition, if your requested item is out of stock, it will take 1 to 2 months to produce.

How to care for your Kyoto Kiyomizu-yaki items

These ceramics are made with a mix of stoneware and earthenware. As earthenware has higher levels of absorbency and permeability, the longer you use it, the more unique its texture will become.

■Proper Care and Use
If you pre-wet your ceramics with lukewarm water, it will be less inclined to soak in tea stains or colors from other liquids.
Due to the absorbent nature of earthenware, it may absorb pollutants in liquids, which runs the risk of growing mold. Please rinse your ceramics with clean water and then dry them thoroughly.
Compared to stoneware, the grains of earthenware are coarser, so please be especially careful in caring for these items.

■Regarding ceramics with colored glaze
Please avoid using earthenware products with color designs, gold, or silver leaf in the microwave. Microwave use may melt the enamel, causing the colors and designs to fade.
The colors may also change over time due to oxidation. In case of the colors turning dingy, please use a specialized polishing agent or eraser to gently polish and restore the colors. Please avoid using bleaching agents.

■Regarding Kochi ware
Please take care when pouring hot water into products with Kochi glaze, as a sudden change in temperature may cause the product to break.
Please avoid prolonged use of especially acidic things like pickled plums, or especially salty liquids like konbu tea, as these may lead to discoloration.

Care when using ceramics
Ceramics may break under abrupt changes in temperature, such as when filled with hot liquids or exposed to open flames.
When serving ceramics on lacquerware, avoid scraping the items, as this may cause damage to the lacquer.
Please do scrub hard when using cleaners or abrasive nylon scourers, as this may damage the surface of the ceramics.
Please take extra care when using ceramics in the microwave or on gas stoves.
Please avoid using ceramics in dishwashers, as this may cause surface damage.