Master of tea - Mr. Uejima Noriyasu


The Uejima Sorokuen Tea Field in the Wazuka District of Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture, got its start in the Edo Period back when its founder, Mr. Uejima Tozaburo, started his own family line and began cultivating a plot of 25 acres he inherited, which included both rice and tea fields.

Located in the southern part of the prefecture, Uji has long been known as the Hometown of Tea, with the beautiful, terraced tea fields of the Wazuka District especially influencing generations and generations of the local’s daily lives. The district has been recorded as Japanese heritage for its 800 years of Japanese tea history.

In addition to the ideal soil conditions the area has been blessed with, the stark difference between daytime and nighttime temperatures and the mountain mist are beneficial to tea production, so this area is known as the top quality producer of sencha (green tea).

The fifth generation tea producer, Mr. Uejima Noriyasu, continues to protect the traditions passed on by his ancestors, so you that you can enjoy a set of the most strictly selected Wazuka District tea from the Uejima Sorokuen Tea Field in the comfort of your home.