Master of Dyeing - Mr. Okuda Yusai


The Yume-Yusai dyeing workshop was granted an opportunity in 1990 to study historical pieces of Korozen at Koryuji Temple, and was able to unravel the mystery of the “illusionary dye” worn by generations of Japanese emperors. Since the year 820 A. D. in the early Heian Period, this dye has been used in the emperors’ most formal attire for important ceremonies, and because of how strictly reserved for the emperors' use this dye has been ever since, very few people outside of the imperial circle have ever laid eyes on this color of dye. The reason it is so special is because it will change to two additional colors in direct sunlight. In 1992, the company representative Mr. Okuda Yusai (Mr. Okuda Koshichiro) used his findings from research on the historical Korozen pieces to recreate the color-changing effect in a variety of other shades and colors, thereby developing his dyeing method called “Yume-Korozome” (Dream Korozome).

Master dyer Mr. Yusai, in addition to pursuing and purveying traditional Japanese dyeing methods, also devises refreshing new takes which appeal to modern tastes.

Mr. Yusai’s exhibit at the Musée du Louvre in 2008 received high acclaim, and his pieces were selected for the 2019 Révélations International Fine Craft and Creation Fair hosted by Ateliers d’Art de France. He is highly appraised not only in Japan, but throughout Europe and other Asian countries for his unprecedented, inimitable style. As a dyeing artisan, he continues to retain and develop Japan’s long history of dyeing techniques and culture and spread them throughout the world.

THE JUNEI HOTEL Kyoto has Mr. Yusai’s “Yume-Korozome” works on display throughout the hotel. They were created in the hopes that their gentle sway and glimmering color changes in the sunlight will brighten and comfort the hearts our guests.The creator of these works, Mr. Yusai himself, is proud to create an original order-made piece especially for you.